US-91; 3200 S & 2000 W Intersection Realignment, Cache County, UT

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Utah Department of Transportation, Nibley City, UT

Alternative 1: $7.9 Million. Alternative 2: $5.8 Million. Alternative 3: $10.4 Million.

Civil Science worked on behalf of the Utah Department of Transportation and Nibley City to develop and evaluate three alternatives for alignment modification to the intersection of 3200 S and US-91 in Nibley, UT.  The primary focus of this project was to improve safety of the intersection by correcting the intersection skew, adding proper acceleration/deceleration lanes as well as meeting the areas future transportation needs based upon Nibley City’s Master Transportation Plan. A detailed GIS Story Map was developed to illustrate the preliminary layout, right-of-way impacts, and conceptual cost estimate for each alternative assisting the clients in their decision-making process.