Spring Pointe Sewer Lift Station, Springville, UT

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Springville City, Private Property Owner


Civil Science worked with Springville City and a developer who lead out with a sewer lift station for not only his developable area, but also included future city growth in the area. Multiple flow contribution analyses were coordinated with Springville City. The lift station is located in the lower part of the City between I-15 and Utah Lake. Because of the high-water table in the area, the building was designed to sit above the Utah Lake flood levels and the deep wet well design anticipated floating during flood conditions.  The lift station was designed with (2) 5 HP 480V, three phase pumps capable of pumping 350 gpm, well beyond the developer required 90 gpm estimated flows. A 40-kW generator was specified, capable of running on propane gas until natural gas could be piped to this new area of the city. The facility will pump to an existing 8-inch force main where an inspection port was added at a high point in the system. A SCADA system was added so that, as Springville City took over the facility, they could remote monitor operating conditions.