Phase 2 & 3 Williston Permanent Reliever Route, Williston, ND

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North Dakota Department of Transportation

$70 Million

This project consisted of 11 miles of a newly constructed, four lane highway corridor bypassing the northwest side of Williston, ND. Civil Science administered two of the three project phases.  Work included approximately 2.8 million CY of earthwork, 400,000 tons of aggregate base, and 500,000 SY of concrete pavement.  Construction of this new corridor presented several unique challenges, including managing the presence of surface and subsurface water, mitigating consolidation and settlement issues for 50+ feet of embankment, along with consistent and accurate cultural monitoring for Native American artifacts present throughout the project corridor. Civil Science worked along side the project Contract to effectively mitigate these challenges, resulting in a final project savings of $3.5 Million.