Civil Science is Employee Owned

In 2015, Civil Science transitioned to 100% employee-ownership in order to encourage a more collaborative and transparent business culture, and to create a long-term commitment to our employees.   We firmly believe our commitment to our employee-owners is further reflected in our commitment to our clients, where we encourage innovation, foster growth, and achieve mutual success!

Employee ownership creates an environment that rewards success and achievement, equally benefits the employee and the firm, and mutually provides opportunities to learn together, grow together, and succeed together.  It affords each of us the opportunity for upward mobility, for technical advancement, and long-term financial stability.

Interested in building equity, ownership, and financial opportunity beyond just a paycheck?  We’d love to hear from you!


We Build Amazing Things Together

Our employee-owners are directly involved in the direction of our engineering business from top to bottom, entry level through senior management.  Civil Science affords new and unique opportunities for involvement, employee engagement, and communication in the development and growth of our company.  An employee engagement committee with effective integration of a broad cross section of team members is just one example of our commitment to effective integration of employee-owners into the business process.

We view each project as a collaborative team effort and rely on our employee-owners for innovative and creative involvement throughout the development of project goals, direction, and implementation. As an employee-owner, your input is valued, needed, and utilized.  Your involvement moves beyond the walls of our offices to include community outreach, public involvement, project planning and development, and active participation and engagement in our local and regional strategic planning efforts. Want to take your career to the next level?  Ask us and find out how.


Civil Science is Employee Owned

Civil Science is focused on exceeding the expectations of our clients and providing the highest quality services in the industry.  It’s what we’re good at and it’s what keeps us continually on the top of our client’s list of consultants to hire.  Our continued success is forged through successful employee engagement, effective and clear communication, and mutual respect.  We are committed to creating a workplace environment that encourages creativity, teamwork, and promoting Work – Life balance that keeps our employee-owners engaged.  We fully encourage, and even expect our employee-owners to find an effective balance between the demands of their professional work and personal commitments.  By doing this, we maintain our reputation for providing accurate and high-quality professional engineering services, while at the same time encouraging employee growth and diversification.

What can you expect from working at Civil Science?  You can expect to be challenged, inspired, and most importantly— respected.  At Civil Science, that is our commitment.  Tired of being a number and a billing rate?  Join our expanding team now!