I-15; Pine Creek Climbing Lanes, Beaver County, UT

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Utah Department of Transportation

$28.8 Million

Civil Science provided preconstruction engineering services for this 8-mile roadway widening and reconstruction project along I-15. Design services included the development of climbing lanes for both northbound and southbound directions, replacement of substandard concrete barrier with over 3-miles of new roadside barrier including concrete barrier and guardrail, shoulder grading alternatives that minimized impacts, a micro-surface of the existing pavement, striping design that optimized lane locations within the existing pavement to minimize roadway widening, existing culvert extensions, and signing to meet the current Utah MUTCD. Civil Science also assisted UDOT with the development of the environmental document by coordinating design details that identified resource impacts coordination with BLM and SHPO.  With the roadway improvements driven by the need for climbing lanes through the steep terrain, there were considerable impacts to the existing drainage system as well as the addition of new drainage conditions caused by the various cut and fill sideslopes. The drainage considerations included culvert extensions, cut ditches, ditches along fills, new drainage structures, and the associated erosion control measures including riprap, check dams, fiber rolls, and seeding.