I-15 Northgate IC, Pocatello, ID

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Idaho Transportation Department

$13 Million

Civil Science is providing Construction Engineering and Inspection services for this new I-15 Interchange servicing Pocatello and Chubbuck.  The construction of this much needed interchange includes a 174’ x 109’ Prestressed Concrete Bridge using 14” diameter shell pile for the foundation, nearly 200,000 CY of Excavation, 20000 Tons of Plantmix, two signal systems, illumination, curb and gutter, storm drain system, retention ponds, and a shared use pathway.  The project also includes 23’ tall x 300’ long MSE Walls in front of each abutment.

I-15 was reconstructed on a separate contract during the construction of the I-15 Northgate IC.  Civil Science coordinated with the Contractors from both projects to minimize impacts to either project.  Civil Science also identified multiple opportunities to reduce or eliminate tasks from each project resulting in cost savings to both the I-15 Reconstruction project and the I-15 Northgate IC project resulting in the I-15 Reconstruction project completing ahead of schedule thus reducing impacts to the I-15 Northgate IC schedule.