Imagining Great Solutions

Some of the biggest and most difficult challenges our clients face is identifying where to begin.  Civil Science works side-by-side with both public and private clients to guide them through the conceptual phase of project development.  We leverage our company experience and professional expertise to assist in understanding underlying site conditions, outlining practical and cost-effective engineering strategies, and securing necessary financial resources for engagement. Civil Science offers professional services such as:

• Master Planning
• Capital Facilities Planning and Implementation
• Mapping and Infrastructure Identification
• Budgeting and Cost Estimation
• Grant Writing, Funding Research & Application
• Feasibility Study & Analysis

We support these efforts with professional graphics, flow charts, weighted decision matrices, and exhibits to get your project off the ground.  We help with the decision-making process by consistently collaborating with stakeholders and working with funding agencies to maximize available opportunities. Throughout this process, we focus on assessing and minimizing risks, managing costs, providing sensitivity analysis, and measuring success.


Truly Inspiring Design

Civil Science is an industry leader providing creative and straightforward and effective design solutions for our clients.  Civil Science design professionals proactively guide our clients through each development phase of the design process.  We offer comprehensive analysis through modeling, alternative analysis and selection, as well as accurate and complete construction drawings and specifications. We integrate quality reviews throughout each phase of project design, ensuring complete and accurate compliance with applicable standards.  We complement our quality focus with constructability reviews, practical design tools, and an on time and budget commitment.  Our design professionals stand ready to assist you with any of the following services:

• Transportation
• Geometric Roadway Design
• Water Systems
• Wastewater / Stormwater
• Structural Engineering
• Bridge Design, Evaluation, & Rehab
• Hydraulics & Hydrology
• System Modeling & Analysis
• Planning
• GIS Mapping & Asset Management
• Residential, Commercial, Industrial Site Development
• Development Review
• Parks & Recreation
• Traffic Signals & Lighting
• ATMS / ITS / Signing & Striping
• ALTA Surveys
• Topographic Survey
• Aerial Photogrammetry
• Right-of-Way Services
• Easement Preparation & Acquisition
• Preliminary, Final, & Annexation Plats
• Oil & Gas Services



Impeccable Construction

Civil Science offers comprehensive construction services to deliver your project on time and within budget.  Following successful project design, we provide project advertisement and bid support to ensure selected contractors and subcontractors are providing bids in accordance with the contract documents.  We evaluate bids for compliance, qualifications, and experience that is consistent with the scope of work and recommend award of the construction contract. This streamlined effort effectively reduces risks for quality defects and budget overruns during construction.  In 30 years and literally thousands of projects, Civil Science has never had a single federally funded item declared non-participatory.  Upon notice to proceed, Civil Science will guide our clients with a host of construction services, including:

• Preconstruction Coordination
• General Contract Administration – Local, State, and Federal-aid Projects
• Construction Oversight and Inspection
• Construction Materials Sampling & Testing
• Laboratory Materials Testing
• CPM Schedule Analysis & Claims Review
• Special Inspections and Audits
• Shop Drawings, Samples, and Submittal Reviews
• RFI Support
• Clarifications, Interpretations, and Resolutions of the Contract Documents
• Field Orders, Change Orders, and Changes in the Work Support
• Evaluation of Substitutes and “Or Equals”
• Applications for Payment from the Contractor
• Acceptability of the Work, Punch Lists, and Substantial Completion
• Post-construction Services such as Document Review, Testing, Start-up, and Training
• Maintenance Plans