Bulldog Blvd Protected Bike Lanes, Provo, UT

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Utah Department of Transportation, Provo City

$5.5 Million

Civil Science provided engineering services to Provo City and UDOT Region 3 for the design of protected bike lanes and raised median improvements for seven blocks of Bulldog Blvd. The project was designed to meet active transportation needs and improve safety along the corridor for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles. The Civil Science team provided traffic analysis and recommendations as well as the development of active transportation alternatives such as UTA bus stops, pedestrian routing, and path wayfinding. A robust public involvement effort included coordination with Utah Valley Hospital, Target, McDonalds, BYU, Walgreens, and agency engagement. Roadway design included geometric layouts, modeling, and cost estimating. As part of the design process, a uniform aesthetics and landscape design was developed that was key in branding the corridor.